LAB-i-Duca is an educational R&TD programme, developed by BLC3 since 2012, focused on sustainable development for children and young people, as part of the Agenda 21 School theme and the European Union's smart growth strategy, and has already reached more than 6000 students in the last 3 years.

Using the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) educational methodology, this programme aims to develop a set of activities, projects and crafts that promote scientific literacy in children and young people, as well as their cognitive and entrepreneurial skills and competences.

Based on the promotion of the Bioeconomy and Circular Economy, the aim is to promote resilience and social and environmental responsibility among young people, in order to create an active and relevant citizenry for a more sustainable future.


LAB-i-Duca Science on Wheels arises from the need to bring children and young people (aged 3 to 15 years) closer to science and technology, promoting creativity and a sustainable development, making it an integral part of pre-school, primary, secondary and vocational education, in order to foster an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, scientific literacy and new learning models. In this service, students are supported technically and methodologically, with human and material resources provided, including BLC3’s laboratories (physical and mobile) for the development of various activities. Throughout the year, science is brought to schools, including the “3 days with science” activity, at the BLC3 campus (Carnival, Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays). Open Days, Workshops, Webinars and Circular Bioeconomy Days are also activities developed under LAB-i-DUCA’s Science on Wheels.

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😊 🧪 Happy faces, curiosity and lots of science in another week of #CiênciaSobreRodas! LAB_i_Duca, promored by BLC3 - Technology and Innovation Campus, went to the kindergartens of Oliveira do Hospital Schools Group to demonstrate that science can and should be enjoyable! Evidence of this was seen in the happy expressions of our young scientists when they discovered that inserting a finger in water while using cinnamon kept it dry, or when they learned how to create an endless sheet of paper using saffron, lemon, and washing powder. In the end, nothing compares to making slime using only glue and water to put a smile on their faces!🟢🔎🍋 #LAB_i_Duca #Science #Technology #Innovation #Youth #ScienceLiteracy #Knowledge

Date: 16/05/2024

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If science isn't brought to them, it's our little scientists who come looking for it! 🔬🌱

The LABIDUCA programme welcomed 6th graders from the Agrupamento de Escolas de Oliveira do Hospital - Escola Básica e Integrada de Lagares da Beira, for an in-depth look at the different parts of the tree. From the roots, where they had contact with microorganisms, to the leaves, with special emphasis on the process of photosynthesis. They saw the different reserve substances and learnt about the relationship between pollen and seeds and flowers.🌼🌳

#LAB_i_Duca #BLC3 #ScientificLiteracy #Science #Technology #Innovation #Knowledge

Date: 09/05/2024


This year, Easter will be a real celebration of science! Join us for a unique and fun experience. 👩‍🔬🪺

🐰 Choose between April 2, 3 and 4 and register here:

🐰 Register by 27, but don't waste time because places run out fast!

If you have any questions, please contact us:


☎ +351 238 641 059

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Date: 23/03/2024

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The second term has now begun and the amazing scientists from the kindergartens of Seixo da Beira, Seixas da Beira and Alvoco de Várzeas were able to learn many things about colors - and no, we don`t mean the rainbow, but the discovery of "Chromatography" and the "Crumbling Stain", each experience an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge acquired during the various activities promoted by BLC3 - Technology and Innovation Campus #LAB_i_Duca #Science #Technology #Innovation #Youth #ScientificLiteracy #Knowledge

Date: 19/01/2024

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This year, Christmas was #3dayswithScience, fun and learning!

To help Santa Claus overcome all the challenges on the various continents, the little scientists got to work and made the reindeer fly, froze a lake, built a bridge, darkened the sky so he wouldn`t get caught, distracted monkeys, thieves and, in the end, still had time to write to him a letter so he wouldn`t forget their presents!

And since this is also a time of giving, a basket of goods was delivered to those who need it most!

#ChristmaswithScience #LAB_i_Duca #BLC3 #ScienceLiteracy #Science #Technology #Innovation

Date: 22/12/2023

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The #ScienceonWheels continues!

Yesterday was a day of learning about Chemistry, Biology and Physics for the little scientists of the Lagares da Beira Integrated Primary School, from the Oliveira do Hospital School Group!

LAB_i_DUCA is a scientific literacy program promoted by BLC3 - Technology and Innovation Campus.

#LAB_i_Duca #Science #Technology #Innovation #Youth #ScientificLiteracy #Knowledge

Date: 05/12/2023

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"Another week full of discoveries and learning with #ScienceonWheels!

The little scientists from Agrupamento de Escolas de Tábua learnt about the importance of washing our hands regularly and how this helps protect our health, how the surface tension of water works and how atmospheric pressure affects our daily lives The secrets are in Chemistry, Physics and Biology and the LAB_i_DUCA Programme, promoted by BLC3 - Technology and Innovation Campus, unveils them!

#LAB_i_Duca #Science #Technology #Innovation #Youth #ScientificLiteracy #Knowledge

Date: 28/11/2023

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"Science on Wheels" is back with new exciting science stuff! 👩‍🔬🧑‍🔬

Using only coins, oregano and water, the little ones learned how Chemistry, Physics and Biology are important for preventing the spread of microbes, learning about surface tension of water and how atmospheric pressure works!🧫🦠💦🌬

LAB_i_DUCA, promoted by BLC3 - Technology and Innovation Campus, started the 2023/2024 school year bringing science to the kindergartens of Lagares da Beira, Meruge, Seixo, Seixas, S. Paio de Gramaços, Lourosa, Bobadela, Alvocos das Várzeas, Penalva de Alva, Oliveira do Hospital, Ervedal da Beira and Travanca de Lagos, from the Oliveira do Hospital School Group!

#LAB_i_Duca #Science #Technology #Innovation #Youth #ScienceLiteracy #Knowledge

Date: 20/10/2023

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🔎In the special 5-day edition of #SummerwithScience 2023 we reached 75 children who came from different municipalities, it was science as never before and fun as always! From the bottom of the rivers and lakes to the top of the mountains, the cold of the glacier, the humidity of the forest and the heat of the savannah, our big little scientists loved all the ecosystems.

#BLC3 #LAB_i_Duca #ScienceLiteracy #SummerWithScience #Technology #Innovation

Date: 30/08/2023

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🔎 Visit of CATL students from Lagares da Beira to BLC3 facilities in an afternoon full of science! The little scientists, in addition to having the opportunity to get their hands dirty, were able to get to know our scientific researchers and the fantastic experiments that can be carried out in various scientific areas in the laboratories and outside the Campus!

👩🏻‍🔬O LAB_i_DUCALAB_i_DUCA is a scientific literacy program, promoted by BLC3 - Campus de Tecnologia e Inovação🧑🏻‍🔬

#LAB_i_Duca #Science #Technology #Innovation #Youth #ScientificLiteracy #Knowledge

Date: 18/07/2023

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An elephant trunk made of foam?

A secret message that can only be read with betadine?

A rocket propelled only by products from our kitchen?

The little scientists of Meruge, from the Oliveira do Hospital School Grouping, had the opportunity to learn all these fantastic things and still left with a giant smile!

LAB_i_DUCA is a scientific literacy program, promoted by BLC3 - Technology and Innovation Campus

#LAB_i_Duca #Science #Technology #Innovation #Youth #ScientificLiteracy #Knowledge

Date: 29/06/2023

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The LAB-i-Duca, promoted by Association BLC3- Technology and Innovation Campus, bringing science to the students of the Macedo de Cavaleiros School Grouping!

Under the I-Ceres project, which aims to strengthen research, technological development and innovation in the Agroforestry sector of "Trás-os-Montes", the little scientists played with crazy dough, deciphered secret messages and finally took a trip to space aboard our amazing rocket!

#LAB_i_Duca #Science #Technology #Innovation #Youth #ScientificLiteracy #Knowledge

Date: 27/06/2023

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🌳🌍🌱 June 5 - Environment Day 🌱🌍🌳

𝐁𝐋𝐂𝟑 - 𝐂𝐚𝐦𝐩𝐮𝐬 𝐝𝐞 𝐓𝐞𝐜𝐧𝐨𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐢𝐚 𝐞 𝐈𝐧𝐨𝐯𝐚𝐜̧𝐚̃𝐨 celebrated the Environment Day in an awareness action at the invitation and partner of SONAE ARAUCO - Oliveira do Hospital, counting with the presentation of the RESIST and BioPinus Projects, both related to the theme, arousing the interest and curiosity of future generations for the importance of preserving our planet. The morning also included the planting of pine trees with the help of students from the Primary School of the Oliveira do Hospital's School Grouping. Each of the trees planted is a lasting symbol of hope and care for nature.

Thank you Sonae Arauco, welcoming the initiative of bringing the community together for a more sustainable future!

#BLC3 #Technology #Innovation #Knowledge #Science #Entrepreneurship #CommemorativeDays

Date: 07/05/2023

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🐰 Anil needed help. For that, he had to find someone up to the fantastic experiments he wanted to do! He decided to test the students of the 1st Cycle of the Grouping of Schools of Seia, who had to go through several tests and prove their worth. In the end, not only did he get great helpers, but he realized that the little guys were true scientists!

LAB-i-Duca is a scientific literacy program, promoted by BLC3 - Campus for Technology and Innovation.

#LAB_i_Duca #Science #Technology #Innovation #Youth #Scientific Literacy #Knowledge

Date: 26/05/2023

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🐰This afternoon the 6th grade students of the Oliveira do Hospital School Grouping learned about the importance of photosynthesis for plants and life on our planet. Dependent on sunlight, this biological function is essential for the survival of plants, which produce the oxygen we breathe and the food we eat.

LAB_i_Duca is na educational program, promoted by BLC3 - Technology and Innovation Campus, which aims to bring science and young people closer together, raising awarereness of the need to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle!

#LAB_i_Duca #Science #Technology #Innovation #Youth #Scientific Literacy #Knowledge

Date: 09/05/2023

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🐰The little scientists from Obra D. Josefina da Fonseca recently visited our campus on a very fun day, full of scientific activities and experiences shared by Bernardo Rocha, from BLC3, which left both kids and adults with a smile from ear to ear!

The LAB_i_DUCA Program, promoted by BLC3 - Campus for Technology and Innovation, seeks to instill a taste for science and encourage circular thinking in young people, for a responsible and conscious citizenship!

#BLC3 #LAB-i-Duca #LiteracyScience #Science #Technology #Innovation

Date: 19/04/2023

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🐰🧪🥚 It was an amazing 3 days of #EasterScience 2023 and this time under the very curious eye of our Easter bunny! 🐰🧪🥚

Not only did our little scientists do amazing and fun experiments, but they also had the opportunity to leave their mark in our lab and make our wall much more colorful with their hands full of paint! 🌈

🔎 This activity was developed by the LAB_i_Duca program, promoted by BLC3 - Technology and Innovation Campus, with the goal of making Science easy, awakening creativity and fostering the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of young people.

#BLC3 #LAB_i_Duca #LiteracyScience #EasterScience #3daysofscience #Technology #Innovation #Knowledge

Date: 06/04/2023

Curious minds and fun smiles assemble, because 🐰EASTER WITH SCIENCE 2023🐰 is coming soon! 🤪🥼

🧪 Register by March 30, 2023 here -->

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!


+351 238 641 059

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Date: 23/03/2023

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You can't see it, but you can feel it, and it is vital to the world around us! 🌬️

The little ones from the kindergartens of Tábua, Midões, Ázere, Póvoa de Midões, Covas, Candosa, Mouronho, Sinde and Espariz from the Oliveira de Tábua School Grouping could learn about the fantastic properties of air and how it is essential for life on our planet. 🌎

This activity was developed under the scope of Science on Wheels, a scientific literacy program, promoted by BLC3 - Technology and Innovation Campus.

#LAB_i_Duca #Science #Technology #Innovation #Youth #ScientificLiteracy #Knowledge

Date: 03/02/2023

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Despite being invisible, the air around us is full of mysteries to discover! The amazing scientists from Lagares da Beira, Meruge, Seixo da Beira, Seixas, Bobadela, Lourosa, Alvoco da Várzeas, São Paio de Gramaços, Oliveira do Hospital, Ervedal da Beira, Travanca de Lagos, Vale Ferreiro, Nogueira do Cravo and Largo da Feira's Kindergartens, from Oliveia do Hospital School Grouping, were able to learn about the paper that stays dry even underwater, the balloon that can inflate itself and finally the amazing candle that drinks water! 🕯💧

Science on Wheels is a scientific literacy program promoted by BLC3 - Technology and Innovation Campus.

#LAB_i_Duca #Science #Technology #Innovation #Youth #Scientific Literacy #Knowledge

Date: 31/01/2023

3 Days With Science

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At BLC3, Christmas is not 2, but 3 days....and with lots of science! 🧬 Since Santa deserves presents too, our little scientists gave him a big white beard made of foam, not forgetting his helpers, the elves, who receieved a very fresh toothpaste as well! 🎅 More than scientists of the future, we want to create adults of the future too. And so, this year's edition of Christmas With Science challenged our big little scientists to create a Christmas message to be delivered along with a solidarity basket to help those in need! #ChristmasWithScience #LAB_i_Duca #BLC3 #ScientificLiteracy #Science #Technology #Innovation

Date: 29/12/2022

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'Science on Wheels' finishing off a science-filled year at the Tábua School Grouping! 🧪🧬

This initiative is promoted by the LAB_i_DUCA Program, promoted by BLC3 - Technology and Innovation Campus, seeks to foster a taste for science, introducing the concept of circular economy to our little ones!

#BLC3 #LAB-i-Duca #ScienceOnWheels #ScientificLiteracy #Science #Technology #Innovation

Date: 27/12/2022

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Promoted by BLC3 - Technology and Innovation Campus, the LAB_i_DUCA Program taught the little scientists of the Basic Schools of Tourais Paranhos and Santiago, of Seia School Grouping, to filter water, to create really crazy pasta and why the plastic bag does not leak water when punctured! 👩‍🔬🧑‍🔬

'Science on Wheels' aims to introduce the concepts of chemistry and circular economy in early childhood. 🔎💧♻️

#BLC3 #LAB-i-Duca #ScienceOnWheels #ScienceLiteracy #Science #Technology #Innovation

Date: 14/11/2022

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The LAB_i_DUCA Program, promoted by BLC3 - Campus de Tecnologia e Inovação has already started the "Science on Wheels" activities for the 2022/2023 school year with the little scientists from Pre-School. 👩‍🔬🧑‍🔬

During these two weeks, science was taken in a very fun way to Kindergartens of Lagares da Beira, Meruge, S. Paio de Gramaços, Vale do Ferreiro and Nogueira do Cravo of the Grouping of Schools of Oliveira do Hospital! 🤩

Super Saco, the sand that filters water and crazy pasta were three of the experiments carried out that introduced concepts related to the areas of chemistry and circular economy in a children´s context. 🔎💧♻️

#BLC3 #LAB-i-Duca #ScienceOnWheels #ScienceLiteracy #Science #Technology #Innovation

Date: 26/10/2022

LAB-i-Duca Science 3G is part of a strategy that BLC3 has been developing with several national institutions, in the field of education for sustainable development. With the substantial increase of the senior population in Portugal and mainly in the interior region, this initiative aims to use scientific literacy as a way to cognitively stimulate this age group, thus contributing to healthy aging through science, creativity and innovation.

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Just like science, we are always evolving and it's never too late to learn and discover new things!

Yesterday we brough science to CPSS of Lagares da Beira to share the properties of flower pigments, polymers and various liquids.

Given the significant increase in the senior population in Portugal, especially in the interior regions, The program LAB-i-Duca | Science 3G, promoted by BLC3 - Technology and Innovation Campus, arises from the need to promote scientific literacy as a way to cognitively stimulate the elderly, contributing to a healthy aging through science and promoting creativity and innovation.

#BLC3 #LAB-i-Duca #Science3G #Scientific Literacy #Science #Technology #Innovation

Date: 06/07/2023

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From 8 to 80, science has no age! 🧬

The LAB_i_DUCA | #Science3G Program, promoted by BLC3 - Campus de Tecnologia e Inovação, took science during the last few weeks to Cercav Ipss - Alvoco das Várzeas Recreation and Social Center, Ervedal da Beira Social and Parish Center, Lagares da Beira CPSS and Quinta de São José.

The LAB_i_DUCA | #Science3G Program aims to promote active aging, contributing to the preservation of mental and cognitive faculties of the senior population in the interior of the country, through Science, using creativity and innovation as a means of stimulation.

#BLC3 #LAB-i-Duca #Science3G #Scientific Literacy #Science #Technology #Innovation

Date: 22/02/2023

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The LAB-i-Duca | Science 3G Program kicked off this week, with the goal of promoting scientific literacy as a form of cognitive stimulation for the senior population, contributing to healthy, active and dynamic aging.

During this week, our cientists Bárbara, Diana and Edite brought Science to Centro de Recreio de Convívio de Alvôco das Várzeas, Centro Social e Paroquial do Ervedal da Beira and Centro Paroquial de Solidariedade Social da freguesia de Lagares.

This activity aims to promote scientific culture among the elderly in the region, bringing them closer with the laboratory environment.

#BLC3 #LAB-i-Duca #ScienceOn Wheels #Scientific Literacy #Science #Technology #Innovation

Date: 30/11/2022

LAB-i-Duca InScience arises from the need to bring scientific literacy to institutions helping children, young people and adults with special needs and/or who are in disadvantaged situations, promoting equal opportunities in education.

Girl in a jacket

During this morning, the LAB_i_DUCA Program under the theme #InScience took science to Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Galizes . The #InScience arises from the need to take scientific literacy to this type of institutions that promotes the autonomy and integration of the disabled, the intellectual and motor development of children, youth and adults with special needs and/or who are in disadvantaged situations, with the aim of promoting equal opportunities.

The LAB_i_DUCA Program is promoted by BLC3 - Campus for Technology and Innovation.

#Labiduca #BLC3 #LiteracyScience #Science #Technology #Innovation

Date: 11/01/2023