Support Centre for Innovative Projects and Ideas (CAPI) supports the development of innovative projects and ideas, emphasising mostly on young people, supporting the R&D Centre and Incubation Centre and links the structure of BLC3 with the Business Hosting Areas. CAPI represents the main link between BLC3 and society. The core activities are project management, identification and selection of investment/funding sources and promotion of structural investment funds. The Department of Bioeconomy and Support to the Economic Fabric and the Support Office for Intellectual and Industrial Property (GABI) are both integrated within CAPI.

  • Dynamization of the Bioeconomy in Portugal.
  • Economic feasibility analysis of ideas and projects.
  • Stimulation of an innovative economic fabric.
  • Selection and identification of investment and funding sources.
  • Promotion of European funds, structural and investment funds, such as Horizon 2020 and Portugal 2020.
  • Project Management.
  • Support to Intellectual and Industrial Property.

The idea of a Bioeconomy based on modern, global, competitive and dynamic knowledge was established in 2000 at the Lisbon Summit Meeting performed by the European Union (EU). Bioeconomy is pointed out by the EU as a fundamental key-factor for Europe’s development, as part of EU strategy for 2014-2020. In the Support Centre for Innovative Projects and Ideas it was created the ‘Department of Bioeconomy and Support to the Economic Region’, whose mission and purposes are:

  • Provide the socio-economic fabric a structure of excellence in human resources with high skills in the areas of engineering, biotechnology, chemistry, computer science, nanotechnology and economy;
  • Act as a business department to promote the revitalization of companies and industrial/regional symbiosis and to be the basis for innovative and technological growth for companies;
  • Conduct thematic meetings with the economic fabric to create a new entrepreneurship spirit;
  • Establish young critical mass in the region;
  • Develop new projects with the economic fabric for an efficient utilization of the land and its resources; and
  • Promote interconnections between processes and value chains for decarbonisation and dematerialization of the economic activity by investing in a smart and sustainable growth and promoting the Circular Economy concept.

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The success of any business lies on the protection of ideas, projects and business models. Therefore, this department aims to support the development of strategies and actions to protect intellectual and industrial property and help the knowledge transfer from the scientific and technological system to the region economic fabric.

The Young Farmers Club is a strategic club released by BLC3 in early September 2011. The club aims to gather young farmers (up to 40 years old) from the Central Inner Region or those who wish to settle in this region, in order to promote and revive the agricultural activity within this age group, specially orcharding.

For example, the “Beira Serra” region - Arganil, Góis, Oliveira do Hospital and Tábua -, according to the agricultural census 2009, had only six farmers younger than 25 years old, against 1354 farmers with more than 65 years old. In Portugal, the average area of farming is 12.74 ha, but considering the pilot region the area is 2.27 ha.

BLC3 has been fighting to turn this dramatic situation around, by encouraging and working with government entities to make decisions on such matter. A solution presented by BLC3 refers to the creation of a real estate fund that will allow land restructuring of the region and a tax payment on abandoned lands to encourage agricultural activity. This reorganization is essential to enable the land access to young people who wish to develop their future in this activity. Adding to this difficulty, there is the problem of not knowing who owns the land of a significant part of the territory - about 20%.

Young Farmers Club is a strategic club for the region and a strong bet of BLC3, allowing region development and the settlement of young people by creating their own jobs.

Portugal has all the conditions to be a major apples exporter; nonetheless, still imports this fruit. The focus at this point are native species from the region, apples and the S. Bartolomeu pear. These fruits were chosen due to the geographic location and the climatic conditions of the region, making this club stand-out at a national and international level.

3i Club – Investigation | Innovation | Interdisciplinary is a structure that arises within BLC3 Association to connect the youth from the Inner Region.

3i Club intends to attract talents from the Inner Region by establishing an entrepreneurship culture, favouring the connections with academia, the scientific and technological research and, innovation and creativity. The 3i Club is restricted to teachers, researchers, company employees with a background defined by innovation, technological development, creativity and with interdisciplinary profiles; from the Inner Region and with an age, when applying to the club, between 22 and 35 years old.

The club will work closely with the Entrepreneurship Club and the Investors Club supported by the R&TD Centre, Incubation Centre and Support Centre for Innovative Projects and Ideas, which possess already human resources, facilities, equipment and a number of key infrastructures for the success of business projects launch.

The 3i Club has already a network of 46 members from 14 different areas, representing the development of three entrepreneurial projects, in progress.

The Entrepreneurship Club is an innovation and excellence keystone, where a network of young entrepreneurs with the ability to make a difference in the global market, is being created. This club functions together with the 3i Club and Investors Club, supported by BLC3 Incubation Centre.

The mission of this club is to gather entrepreneurs, thus promoting interaction, building team spirit and cooperation between projects and enterprises.